About Us

S&P Data is a leading North American contact center group. We have multiple, right-sized contact center facilities located throughout the US and Canada. No offshore calls centers for us. Our centers are state-of-the art. They are large enough to justify a major investment in technology yet small enough to sustain our unique culture.

S&P is not the contact center partner for everyone. We’re neither the biggest nor the lowest cost option. Yet our clients stay with us for years. Why? Bottom line, they love working with S&P. Also, it could be because the folks that chose S&P tend to get promoted. That’s an endorsement we’ll take any day.

Our management team is deep and committed to advancing your business every day. Take a look. You’ll like what you see.




Dan Plashkes, Partner and CEO

Dan Plashkes

Partner and CEO

David Borts, Partner and COO

David Borts

Partner and COO

Ken Crema, Partner and Chairman

Ken Crema

Partner and Chairman

Brian Cato, President, Support Services

Brian Cato

President, Support Services

Kevin LaComb, President, Operations

Kevin LaComb

President, Operations