At S&P Data we offer a large number of services to generate more engagement and more sales. Inbound. Outbound Chat. Email. Text. Social media. We offer service to sales using the same channels too. So that we can build relationships and drive greater sales success every day.

These are but a few of the services a modern contact center offers. We offer them too, but with a big difference. We see every customer contact as a selling opportunity. What’s more, we are completely channel agnostic because the ability to sell effectively should have nothing to do with the channel selected by the customer.

At S&P Data we’re experts at helping companies acquire new customers and retaining relationships with existing ones. Creating loyal, valuable customers is what we are about. Satisfied customers are the engines that will drive any business ahead.

S&P views every customer contact as important and represents a revenue opportunity. It’s not just a matter of answering the call promptly and handling the customer contact as quickly as possible. To us customers and potential customers are precious assets. We know what it takes to acquire and retain a customer. So for us the customer relationship is key.

On a typical website for a typical contact center website you’ll see list of services provided. We’re not typical. For us it’s about partnering to help advance your business goals. Our employees are on the front lines of customer contact and our sophisticated technology backbone is there to help you win the short-term battles and the long-term war for market share.

S&P Data is with you every step of the way.