Financial Services

Our financial services experience is extensive. We worked in banking. Insurance. And payments. All of these industries have undergone seismic changes and the customer clearly is on control. What does this mean for a contact center partner? It means that we need to stay in touch with the consumer using the communications methods they prefer. Think of how you communicate with the outside world these days. We bet you have less conventional landline calls, more mobile calls, more email, more texts and certainly more social media. That’s why S&P Data takes what we like to call a multi-modal communications approach.  It’s a fancy way of saying that we talk to the consumer using the communication methods they prefer. This is a more effective way to communicate with customers but also a much more efficient way to operate.

All financial service firms are not created equal. We want to give your firm the S&P (Sales & Performance) edge.

Learn how we have helped a number of financial services firm grow.