FinTech is growing rapidly. That’s because the application of technology to financial services makes eminent sense. Some FinTech companies are built to disintermediate traditional financial services firms, while others apply the latest technology to serve both consumers and business customers better.

It is difficult to pigeonhole FinTech into a single application or technology. You will find successful FinTech  companies in payments, investments, crowd funding, peer-peer lending, insurance, advisory, Infrastructure and big data analytics.

The FinTech revolution is not just a phenomenon in the US.  It’s worldwide and for good reason. Most consumers and businesses, especially SMBs have been held hostage to banks or other traditional financial institutions. With FinTech there now are alternative ways of borrowing, saving, investing and handling money.

FinTech is booming and like many other new business spaces there will certainly a shakeout of companies. In fact, we are witnessing this now. We also are seeing innovative FinTech brands being acquired by larger, more traditional financial institutions.  Our view is that FinTech companies that succeed will possess a combination of exceptional technology coupled with superior customer experience.  This will include firms that are adroit at the disruption of traditional financial services processes, distribution methods and cost structures.

S&P Data wants to work with FinTech companies that have similar innovative values so that we can thrive together in today’s marketplace.  While our own call center industry may be considered a mature business, S&P Data is taking bold approaches to growth.  We offer on-shoring coupled with strategic efforts that assist our customers in creating a world-class customer experience. Like the FinTech industry, S&P Data is disruptive.  We are making changes for the better including less focus on traditional KPI’s, an emphasis on achieving best in breed results plus a mission to always communicate with customers using the channels they choose.

Our SaaS Based Contact Center Model Is The Perfect Match For The FinTech Revolution

Building and managing an internal call center can add unnecessary expense for any rapidly growing business. This e compounded without the experience to scale, In many instances we have seen unpredictable growth that may require staffing additions or cuts. This can harm company morale and the bottom line.   Bt tapping into S&P Data’s SaaS based model, any business can scale up or down seamlessly. What’s more, the proven effective S&P Data omni-channel platform delivers tangible results while eliminating risks.

S&P Data can kick start any FinTech company’s transition into the call center and omni-channel world. Engaging and supporting customers professionally is essential to sustained growth. S&P Data offers way to provide excellent call center services that will create both value and revenue.  In effect we can turn a cost center into a profit center. Let S&P Data add revenue and reduce risk for you. Benefit from our years of experience in customer acquisition and support today.