Telecom and Cable

We have worked with some of the largest telecommunications, cable and satellite companies in North America. Rarely are we the largest contact center on their roster. But inevitably we are their best performer.

It all starts with your brand, your goals and our top management. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how we dig into your business. We bring a consultative approach to every assignment lead by one of our partners. We are thorough, fast and some might say obsessive in our approach.

With 25+ years of experience in this vertical we’ve done exceptionally well for our clients. Here are some case studies that show how.

Case Study

Turning Customer Service Calls Into Revenue

Developing an innovative service to sell program

One of North America’s largest Telco’s approached us with the goal of developing a program that would convert service calls into incremental sales. Initially our program was designed to handle inbound customer service calls for the company’s popular home phone service. After we surpassed objectives month after month the program was expanded dramatically.

New selling opportunities

One of the clear opportunities we identified along with our client was the chance to up-sell Internet and Satellite TV services to the existing home phone subscriber base. This proved to be a fertile market for us as we leveraged current relationships into more sales. Within two years our program expanded further as we sold Fiber TV services and then other mobile services to the same client base.

Growing along with our client

During this period of client success S&P Data grew our team to accommodate growth. Specifically we increased dedicated headcount almost 100% adding excellent people that helped propel sales even faster. Based on recommendations from our Executive Teams and in partnership with the Telco we created a new inbound direct sales initiative that focused on acquiring high value customers. As with our other existing programs this initiative performed above expectations.

Strong results

The results for this ongoing campaign were impressive. S&P Data delivered on average +25% above sales objectives on a monthly basis. What’s more, we maintained a margin of 15-20% higher than projections lowering the cost per sale, reducing churn and increasing ROI. Typically, large Telco’s like this one maintain relationships with multiple call center partners. That was the case here too and we are proud to say that S&P Data outperformed all of the call centers in the mix after just one month of implementation.


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