US Companies Moving to S&P Data Canada

S&P has proven to be the perfect partner for US companies that want to save money using offshore contact centers but realize that the best place to do this is Canada. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is close by.

Welcome to Canada, America’s friendly neighbor to the north. We have everything you’re looking for in a contact center at a -40% discount to the US Dollar.

Here’s what S&P Data Canada offers you beyond significant savings.

  1. A well-educated, stable workforce that understands American culture. In fact, some call Canada the 51st State.
  2. A Canadian based company with 12+ years of experience here. We’re not Trevor come lately. With S&P Data you’ll get proven Canadian management and guaranteed top management attention to your business.
  3. We have delivered excellent results for some of the most sophisticated companies anywhere. As you’d expect these results come with top-flight technology and real-time reporting with metrics that matter.
  4. The ability to scale based on your needs and success. We’re happy to take a test program and expand it based on our exceptional performance.
  5. A contact center that sells. We’re proud of our ability to turn every customer contact into revenue as well as a long-term customer relationship.
  6. Our contact centers are close by. We’re in the same time zones and just a short flight from most major US cities.

So welcome to Canada. We promise you great results. Poutine, if that’s your culinary preference. And a trip to see the Leafs if you like hockey, eh.


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