S&P Data Pushes The Envelope.

We are innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs. But most of all, we are customer success experts. Day-by-day, interval-by-interval, we work at every step of your customer’s journey to secure your revenue.

The BPO Model Is Broken.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for contact centers is a terrible idea, unless of course you’re a BPO company. Then it’s a way to deliver substandard service and screw up customer relationships simultaneously.

Your Customers Are Our Priority.

We believe world-class customer service and contact center performance come hand-in-hand. We use advanced technologies to take as many contacts as possible out of the network, and then deliver exceptional experiences on the precious remaining and critical contacts.

Choose Excellence, Choose S&P Data.

Don’t transition a care team to sales and expect great results. Every contact is a sales and save opportunity. We pioneered a Service-to-Sales model that pays for inbound calls and generates additional incremental revenue.

S&P Data Is Bringing Contact Centers Back Onshore.

We believe in eliminating offshore calls while reducing our clients’ budgets and enhancing their customers’ experience and NPS scores. Performance and loyalty pay off in the long run.

Today’s customers expect more ways to connect.

Omnichannel (n): the combination of multiple channels to provide a seamless customer experience. S&P Data is a pioneer in developing Omnichannel solutions. We’ll help you be everywhere your customers are.


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